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"Knowledgeable therapists who work well together and satisfying results in a peaceful environment" - PB 8/20 (arm pain)

"I have been coming to South Mountain Physical Therapy for a while prior to knee replacement surgery to increase muscle strength and joint motion in my knees.  I cannot say enough good things about Dan Borrell and the rest of the staff at South Mountain.  The entire staff has been nothing but friendly, kind, caring, compassionate and very knowledgable.  I have more strength and motion in my knees prior to surgery than I ever could have hoped.  As a health care professional myself, I was very leery of going anywhere during the cornoavirus pandemic.  I can assure you, however, I have felt nothing but safe and secure while going to physical therapy.  The staff has followed very stringent screeneing, cleaning and social distancing protocols as well as always wearing protective gear.  I have definitely benefitted tremendously from their guidance and would recommend South Mountain Physical Therapy to anyone that needs physical therapy."   - Sue T. 

"They explain everything they are doing for you to improve your health issue. They have a friendly staff. Would definitely recommend anyone needing physical therapy to go there."  - DF 8/20 (hip pain)

"Listens to your issue, obviously cares and tries to get you back on track to being pain free." RF 8/20 (back pain)

"Unlike other therapy places I attended in the past, South Mountain Physical Therapy takes the cake. Each physical therapist at this institution spends his/her time in a one to one basis and taking full responsibility and care with each patient as they have done with me. The physical therapist take utmost care with their expertise for each patient. When i attend a session i feel that I am well attended to and feel confident with the workmanship. I slso feel that I am part of the family member being treated. I have used this facility in the past and achieved wonderful results. For this reason I chose this physical therapy facility again for a different problem knowing that I will get the best treatment as I am getting. I would highly recommend this family to anyone else who may need treatments.👍". PM 8/20 (hip surgery)

"Professional, friendly, easy to review treatment plan with them (and adjust as needed), great scheduling, plenty of parking." -SB 8/20

"Continuity of care even with different therapists. Helped patients reach goals."  -KW 8/20

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