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COVID 19 Update – Telehealth now available

Thank you to all of our patients and their families/ support people for being conscientious about the precautions and practices of good cleaning and hygiene practices during this pandemic with COVID 19.  These times are unprecedented, and it is a changing environment as this pandemic unfolds.  We hope we can all stay healthy and keep the COVID-19 spread to a slow minimum.

Our office currently remains open and our staff is continuing to follow all recommendations of sanitization, hand cleansing, covering coughs, not touching the face, and not coming to work if we are sick.  We ask all of patients to also continue to follow these recommendations.  In addition to this to comply with social distancing and minimizing contact with others, we will continue to prohibit nonpatients (other than patients who are minors) in the waiting area, and to weigh the RISK vs. BENEFIT when deciding to continue PT during the next 2 weeks.  If you have any questions assessing your risk vs. benefit, please call our office and discuss this with your physical therapist. We have never had cancellation fees and surely understand if you chose not to attend PT due to concern of COVID 19 exposure.  

We want to continue to help our patients who chose not to come into the office, so we are now offering Telehealth Physical Therapy.  Many insurances are now paying for Telehealth PT.  You may call your insurance company to check for coverage or you may call our office. 

We understand that the hands-on (manual) work that we do is very beneficial, but there is a good amount of education and self-care that you may benefit from through Telehealth PT.  We can also screen for serious conditions that may require a consult from another healthcare professional.  Telehealth PT can be via a phone call or a video chat to assist in our assessment and instruction.  We have several means of providing Telehealth PT, all are HIPPA compaliant. 

If you have any questions, or would like to utilize this service, please contact our office at 610-927-5183 to set up your first session.        




"I have been coming to South Mountain Physical Therapy for a while prior to knee replacement surgery to increase muscle strength and joint motion in my knees.  I cannot say enough good things about Dan Borrell and the rest of the staff at South Mountain.  The entire staff has been nothing but friendly, kind, caring, compassionate and very knowledgable.  I have more strength and motion in my knees prior to surgery than I ever could have hoped.  As a health care professional myself, I was very leery of going anywhere during the cornoavirus pandemic.  I can assure you, however, I have felt nothing but safe and secure while going to physical therapy.  The staff has followed very stringent screeneing, cleaning and social distancing protocols as well as always wearing protective gear.  I have definitely benefitted tremendously from their guidance and would recommend South Mountain Physical Therapy to anyone that needs physical therapy."   - Sue T. 


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