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When you come to South Mountain Physical Therapy, you are not a number or just a patient. You become part of our South Mountain Physical Therapy community. You are heard and seen as an individual who is seeking expertise in management of pain and who desires to improve movement and mobility so you can have more enjoyment in your life, return to work or recreation, or just be able to do simple things in your life.

Just as many of us have our own primary care doctors, we have become many people's physical therapist. All of our physical therapists are "Direct Access" licensed and you may be evaluated and treated without a doctor's order for 30 days. We are qualified to be your musculoskeletal primary health provider. In a sense, we have taken ownership of "our" patients and have developed relationships with them.

Every individual is given a thorough evaluation. This involves listening to you and performing and examination that includes observation of movement, assessment of posture, range of motion, strength, neuromuscular system, cardiovascular system and other areas that are pertinent to your problem. We use evidence based practice to evaluate and treat you. Evidence based practice includes knowledge and application of the latest research, use of our expertise and skills, and great consideration of your values, resources and lifestyle.

A treatment plan will be set up according to the findings, recommendations and what works best for you. We give each of our patients individual attention on every visit and have knowledgeable support staff to help you along the way to meeting your goals. Our office environment is warm and friendly and allows for patients to share their experiences with each other if they choose.

We have been established in the Sinking Spring/Wernersville area for 12 years and are part of the community. We have developed relationships with our patients and have been involved with many community events. We provide education regarding the latest surgical techniques and keep them informed of the rehabilitation of various conditions through seminars, blogs, newsletters and individualized education in the clinic while under our care.

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