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Our Philosophy

Our approach is simple:
We listen to you, apply our skills, and work together to achieve RESULTS!

South Mountain Physical Therapy is different than many other offices.  Our physical therapists are the owners and we are greatly invested in making sure we provided the highest quality care for you patients. We have not big corporate ownership dictating the way we treat.  Our primary concern is providing high quality, evidence based physical therapy with collaboration for our patients' needs and wishes.  We LISTEN to our patients and take into account what your individual situation is, what things are difficult for you and what things are going well for you.  We have compassion and support you not only physically, but emotionally and mentally with excellent communication and education.  All the therapists work together, sharing our experience and knowledge to give our patients the best possible outcome.  

OUR MISSION is to provide compassionate, individualized care, empowering and treating the patient as a whole with evidence based, practical, reasonable, and cost-effective therapy.  We realize the importance of collaboration with all health care providers and patients and work as a team to give you what you need to gain quality and independence in your life. 

At South Mountain Physcial Therapy, you can feel the personal warmth with our team members and you can be assured you are taken care of with knowledge, skill and compassion.  You will be encouraged to be a partner in your recovery and will be given what you need to become independent and be able to care for yourself again.  Our environment is warm, relaxed, yet professional and we try to keep things fun and caring.  

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